Music students to Missouri

The music students in Cannon Falls had the opportunity to go to Branson, Missouri.


Sonya Milkova

Students went on a ferris wheel to get a view of Branson Missouri at night.

On March 24, the Cannon Falls High School Band and Choir will be going on a trip to Branson, Missouri.

The Branson trip is optional  for the high school band and choir students. It is a four day trip, where they leave Thursday morning and come back on Sunday afternoon. A tenth grade choir student, Minette Ammerman, commented; “I am very excited about this trip. I wish today was Thursday. I want to go on the Ferris Wheel.” 

The students will be taking a Richfield Bus Company motorcoach down to Missouri. A tenth grade band student, Isabelle Vovk, says, “I am actually excited about the trip, not the part about the 9 hours long drive, but we get a really great bus. I am also excited because I get to hang out with my friends.” Many students were excited too for many different reasons, some to have a fun time, others like the idea of hanging out with friends, or just relaxing and getting a break from school for some time. 

When the students get to Missouri, the first stop is the Bass Pro Shops, where the students get to experience the wildlife and outdoor-themed attractions. The next stop is Cicis in Springfield, Missouri, where the students get to enjoy a free pizza party. To end the first day of the trip, the students get to relax the rest of their day in the hotel.

On Friday, there is a whole day of activities planned for the students. The band and choir students are going to attend the music clinic at the College of the Ozark. When the students are not participating in the clinic, they can explore the Ralph Foster Museum. This museum contains the natural history of firearms and fine art. Next, the students will explore the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park with a narrated tour. There, they will get to ride on an open-air tram. Afterward, the students will venture into Branson Landing where they can visit different attractions and stores. Finally, the last activity before ending the day is The Track Family Fun Park, with rides like the Ferris Wheel, and the one-topping concrete at Andy’s Frozen Custard.

On Saturday, the students will get to go on an outdoor walk and have the opportunity to feed the fish at the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery. The students get to travel into Historic Downtown Branson where they will be able to shop at vibrant shops and restaurants. Afterward, they will get to go to WonderWorks to explore the science museum and the amusement park. There are a lot of interactive exhibits for people to be entertained. Dinner will be at Pasgetti’s which is an italian restaurant and lastly, Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater, where the students can watch the live tribute show, “Legends in the Concert.” This is the last activity before they have to take the bus to depart for home.

On Sunday afternoon, they will arrive back at Cannon Falls in time to relax before the school starts the next day.