Musical festivities

The Cannon Falls High School music department planned special festivities for their winter concerts.


Nathan Baszuro

The Cannon Falls High School band plays a musical selection under the direction of Mike Legvold.

December is here and with it inevitably comes Christmas music. In honor of the season, the Cannon Falls Choir will be having their holiday concert on December 12th at 7 pm while the Cannon Falls Band will be having their concert on December 19th at 7 pm.

The choir concert, held in the auditorium, was filled with Christmas carols. Peter Duggan, the choir director, specifically picked tunes from carols and Christmas pop songs. Both middle and high school singers performed that night.

The band concert next week will also fill the auditorium with Christmas music. Snazzy, Christmas-themed songs will be played. Mike Legvold, the band director, picked many songs he hopes will get the audience in the mood for the holidays. There was much input from his students before he came to the final decision. 

Everyone in the community is encouraged to come to the Band and Choir concerts and enjoy the Christmas music. It is a free performance and a perfect way to support the arts.