Nothing but net

This year, the Bomber boys basketball team has had a very successful season.


Nathan Baszuro

Two opposing players guard Jack Meyers as he looks for an open pass.

The buzzer rings, as the backboards light up and the Bombers have just scored a three-point shot which has put them in the lead for the first time in the match. The players cheer amongst the excited crowd filled with parents, friends, and students. Dylan Banks pats his teammate Aiden Johnson on the shoulder for taking the team into the lead as they hustle back down to the opposite end of the court to play defense on their opponents.

Aiden Johnson, a junior starter for the Bombers has put in the time and effort to grow as a player which has been seen by his teammates, coaches, and community. On average, Johnson contributes 14 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 2 assists for his team each game. He has brought great talent to help the team grow. Johnson responds to how it feels to bring the Bombers to the next level with,  “It feels good, especially looking back at last season and seeing how far the team has come. And I hope my game continues to help my teammates on the court.” 

Although Johnson has a crucial role on the team, each and every other teammate has a just as important role. Johnson believes that the team as a whole needs to bring energy to the court as well as intensity. He thinks that if the Bombers can improve these values, they will be able to start off and maintain a strong start in the playoffs. Before each game, Johnson takes time to prepare mentally and physically. “I always have to get shots up before the game, and I always listen to music”, says Johnson. 

Junior Dylan Banks states the Bombers 2023 season is going very well so far, with a record of 13-10. “We have gotten a lot better at finishing out games”, says Banks. In the past few Bomber basketball games, without anticipation, the boys start to fall behind in the first half. After meeting with the team in the locker room, they come out with a new game plan and have the mentality to play with grit.

 Although they are exceeding in many areas of the game, the Bombers are putting in hard, intensive work to improve their defense. During practices, they take time to work on their defense as well as shooting and offensive plays to enhance their game. Like Johnson, Banks says he does necessary things to prepare for his game, like listening to his favorite music and shooting. Usually, the team goes to the fieldhouse to warm up their shot either before getting on the bus for away games or before getting pumped up in the locker room. 

The Bombers are excited to continue their season into the postseason— where they earned the #4 seed. They hosted a home playoff game Thursday, March 2, and competed against the #13 seed the Cotter Ramblers, and won 53-79. Their next game will take place on Monday, March 6 at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester. With confidence and hard work, the Bombers are not only looking forward to improving their game defensively, but also win and continue to grow together as a team.