Ordering a keepsake

The Cannon Falls Yearbook is currently being sold for $65.


Nathan Baszuro

A yearbook is a great keepsake throughout the years.

It is the time of the year to purchase a yearbook. The memories of 2021-22 of high school are going to be in the yearbook.

The Yearbook members, a mix of middle and high school students, have started putting the pages together. Only a month in and so many events have happened. Homecoming week, dressup, football, cheerleading, soccer, and many more have occurred. They are being included into the book. The school picture day was on October 4. Those pictures will be included in the yearbook. The yearbook team will be continuing to work on the yearbook throughout the year.

The yearbook can be ordered online; jostensyearbooks.com. The current cost of the yearbook is $65 until October 29. On the website, ordering the yearbook early ensures a lower cost to purchase the yearbook than at a later date. Come purchase the yearbook online.