Pam and Tommy

Pam and Tommy is a Hulu series based on real-life events.

In 1996 sheep were being cloned, Mad Cow disease was taking over England, and France agreed to end nuclear testing. It was an eventful year for many with good and bad news sweeping the media, however the story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee topped the cake with the most interesting story of the year. The television series Pam and Tommy goes through the ups and downs of their relationship as well as the event that changed their life.

Popular streaming platform Hulu has released a new show based on the true story of 1992 Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, and Mӧtley Crüe drummer, Tommy Lee. It features Lily James as Pam and Sebastian Stan as Tommy. The show follows a carpenter, Rand Gauthier, who is played by Seth Rogan and hired by Tommy to renovate a new house for the rockstar and Pam. After disagreements and threats from Tommy, Rand was fired and never compensated for his work or tools left at the jobsite after being let go. In a rage from not being paid for his services, Rand devises a plan to steal Tommy’s safe, which was located in the garage on the jobsite. Rand successfully pulls off the heist single-handedly and goes home to enjoy the new found loot he acquired. While rifling through the flashy gold jewelry and excessive number of firearms in the safe, Rand stumbles upon a tape. He — like any person would be — is curious of what contents the tape may hold and watched it. To some, what Rand watched would be considered an adult tape between Pam and Tommy, however he sees it as an opportunity for profit. Rand brings the video into a local adult movie studio and goes through many connections to get the movie out for the world. Rand’s plan is successful and the tape is released on the internet. Everyone has access to this personal moment between Pam and Tommy. After the release of the video, the couple must now navigate life while knowing the whole world has seen their tape without their permission. Not only does this series capture the emotions of all of the characters in the show, but it also uses incredible cinematography aspects that make the show perfect.

Throughout the episodes of Pam and Tommy, slow-motions shots of the two add a perfect amount of drama to the scenes. On top of this, a nice mix of comedy, action, and heart-felt emotions are portrayed evenly throughout the entire series giving the show depth and complexity. It is easy to grow connections to the characters, as their life is exposed completely onto the screen in the show. Pam and Tommy are not just “famous celebrities” in the series, they are shown as actual people, with real emotions and experiences, which makes this series so much better to watch. 

The series Pam and Tommy, available on Hulu, is a hit. It accurately portrays the story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and how their lives were turned upside down by just one angry carpenter and a tape. Although there were many major events going on in 1996 that seemed to be of more importance than classic celebrity drama, people will always find the story of Pam and Tommy, a giant, yet entertaining, mess.