A writer reviews a powerful movie.

Priceless is a movie inspired by a true story.

Priceless is a movie inspired by a true story.

Somewhere in our lives, there is something that we think of as priceless. Perhaps it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry passed down through generations, or that furry friend that’s always there to bring smiles, or even just a night spent by the fire with family. Whatever that thing is, we wouldn’t give it up for the world. In the movie Priceless, released in 2016, writers Chris Dowling, Tyler Poelle, and Joel Smallbone send the message that all women should be looked at in the same way that those invaluable moments or items we have are. This message is told throughout a heart-wrenching story of a man and two young ladies who find themselves caught up in something much bigger than they had expected.

James, a single father who lost custody of his only daughter, tried to make a living for himself in hopes that he could eventually be with his little girl but was unable to hold a steady job. In a time of complete hopelessness and despair, he found himself making a one-time, no stops, cross-country delivery for money. No questions asked. Partway through his journey though, he found himself at the edge of the road, back of the truck open, staring at his cargo: two young Hispanic women. He invited them to the front of the truck and bought them dinner and new clothes. They continued their journey and eventually, the two sisters came to trust him. When the time came for James to make his delivery, the girls got into the back of the truck and faked that they had been there the whole time. When he finally got them to their destination, which he thought would be a waitressing job as the sisters had been told, James realized something else was going on. When two men took them into the back of a black van with other sad-looking young women, James realized what a mess he had gotten himself into. Then he was faced with one tough decision; should he follow the girls and try to rescue them, or does he turn and go back home to his life, leaving them to whatever these men have in store for them? After thinking long and hard about it, he found himself following the men and young women everywhere, trying his very best to get them out of this terrible situation. He missed out on time with his daughter, but, through it all, she was his rock. He refused to stop at anything to rescue the girl he fell in love with, her sister, and all of the other young ladies he considered priceless. 

It was very eye-opening and inspiring. I would not have done it differently.”

— Teagen Strecker

I spent the whole movie sitting at the edge of my seat and wiping tears from my face. The writers managed to send an incredible message through an amazing, heartwarming, and action-filled story. Student, Teagan Strecker said, “It was very eye-opening and inspiring. I would not have done it differently.” Sharie Baszuro also thought this stating, “The movie was very well done and had a great storyline!” I loved the movie as well and was really inspired by it. I think anyone who watches it is moved by the overwhelming love and compassion the characters possess. Everyone I spoke to that has watched this movie, myself included, recommend it. Just be sure to have a pack of tissues close by.