Qualifying for State

The Dance Team has been working hard this season to make it to State.


Jennifer Bennerotte

The team celebrates after advancing to the state competition for the 20th year in a row.

Saturday evenings have claimed the schedules of several girls in the state, to redirect their time to compete in just a few of several dance competitions. The Bomber Girls Dance team has been working severely hard over the last few weeks, with tons of practice, miles, and competitions packed into a tight schedule. This year, they have five seniors on the team, who have been putting their all into this season. Dance has combined fun into the hardworking aspect, with team bonding, outside involvement and many accomplished individuals. For the 2021-2022 season, the Bombers have been staying afloat in their conference and working towards a state title, in their intense midseason.

Maddie Becker, a junior this year, has been dominating the competition. Recently, she was just one of the three chosen to perform at the MADT All-State event (Jazz), along with Marguerite Holes (Kick)  and Anna Dubbels (Jazz). Becker competes in kick, as well as jazz, and is eagerly looking forward to the rest of the season. Along with BDT, she spends her free hours in Redwing, competing with a studio for dance also. This is Becker’s first year picked as an All-State dancer, and she is excited for the rest of the season. “ I am proud of how far the team has come along, and the work we accomplished. The rest of the season is looking good for us,” she commented, with the team goals to make it to state in mind. Becker has been enjoying her time spent with the team, being on the team since she was in eighth grade.

Olivia Villarreal moves along with the beat of the music. (Jennifer Bennerotte)

A beloved senior this year, Marguerite Holes has been enjoying her final year on the dance team. “My favorite memory so far this season is probably preview,” Holes stated.”I always have so much fun that day getting to work with the younger dancers and performing fun dances for everyone.”  Dedicating much time to the sport, Holes was chosen to be part of the leadership team this year and to perform at the MADT All-State event with Becker and Dubbels. Out of 400 submissions throughout Minnesota, the three girls were impressively selected to represent. Working closely with Head Coach, Jamie Swenning, and Assistant Coach, Chelsea Lockrem, the team has held their own this year as other schools have been getting better over the years. As the year progresses, Holes recalls how the dance has differed since the beginning of the season. “ I think we are looking to improve upon our memory for the next competition since we’ve changed the dance quite a bit since the beginning of the year, but I’m excited to see where our team will go this year,” Holes said when asked what improvements are a top priority. 

Despite the struggles of a COVID-filled season last year, the team perseveres forward. New opportunities are an option, such as scheduling more practices and perfecting the routine. “It’s been easier than last season, due to being able to show our facial expressions throughout the dance without masks and being able to have real awards, with every team competing, rather than watching them on live streams,” Becker explained, remembering her sophomore season. In the midst of dance, expressions and facial looks are essential to the judging process in competitions. Several small but important details like this made it difficult last season. 

Although the BDT season has yet to end, fans are considering next year as well, with five seniors leaving. “ Losing the seniors next year will be an extremely devastating loss. Their hard work and dedication to the team will be hard to replace. I’m hoping some younger girls will be able to step up into leadership roles to help the team prosper when the seniors are gone,” Becker expresses, when asked what next season is beginning to look like while the current one slowly crawls to an end. Currently, BDT hopes are high for qualifying for state for both categories: Jazz and Kick. “ A section championship in either one would be a huge accomplishment,” Becker stated. The Bomber Girls Dance Team is paving its way to success during this midseason, working overtime to achieve its goals. Placing consistently in local competitions, the Bombers are optimistic for the rest of the season.

* Note – as of this publication date, both Bomber Dance Teams have advanced to the state tournament