Raising the bar

CFHS weightlifters look forward to another successful season


Zoe Jesh

Logan Hofstedt practices for an upcoming weightlifting tournament.

“A dripping faucet fills the tub.” This motto is used by head coach, Scott Safe encouraging his athletes to continue to be persistent. The more someone stays in relentless pursuit of achieving their goals (a dripping faucet), the more feasible it is for them to achieve that goal (filling the tub). There are numerous seniors on this year’s weightlifting team including: Carson and Tyler Chytracek, Bailey Otto, Andrew Egge, Mason Hofstedt, and Connor Flaten. All of these seniors have been very involved since 7th grade, giving them the “veteran lifter” status. All 6 of the seniors on the weightlifting team have been selected as captains by coach Safe. When asked what he enjoys about weightlifting, senior Connor Flaten responded by saying “I like weightlifting because it makes me stronger mentally and physically, I also enjoy it because the teammates are great people and we all push ourselves to make sure we do the best we can.”

The weightlifting team’s 1st meet was held in Cannon Falls on Saturday, December 10th. History was made right before our eyes. Logan Hofstedt broke Mason Hofstedt’s school record JV snatch with a 92 kg lift. Ellie Stodden had a JV school record snatch of 51 kg, in addition to having a school and state record clean-and-jerk of 68 kg earning a 119 kg total, which is also a school record. From the varsity team, Chase Schaefer set a school record with a total of 155 kg. Coach Safe is hopeful to repeat with multiple state champions again this year, but only time will tell. That’s a lofty goal, but coach Safe continues to raise the bar for his team.