Ramp-Up to readiness

Today is the second session of Ramp-Up for all students at Cannon Falls High School and Middle School; it is also the second PLC day of the year.


Amelia Qualey

Ramp- Up, a program to prepare students for after high school, is in full swing for Cannon Falls students.

November 13, will be the second PLC day of this school year. During the PLC days, there will be a Ramp-Up session for all students who are in 7th grade or up at 10:00 a.m. Usually, PLC and Ramp Up are on separate days, but because of Covid-19, there cannot be Ramp-Up during the first four school days. Friday is when everyone is at home doing makeup work or homework, so it is the perfect time to have Ramp-Up. Every month, there will be one Ramp-Up session talking about things to get ready for the future.