Ready for registration

This week, students will begin registering for their 2021-2022 classes.


Amelia Qualey

It is the time to register for next year’s classes.

Class registration starts on January 11th for the 2021-2022 school year. Juniors will get information and registration papers during World History. Sophomores will get their information and papers during US History. 9th graders will get their information during Comm 9. 8th graders will receive their information and registration papers during their Language Arts classes. If you don’t have any of these classes, please contact Mrs. Hoffman.

Student registration forms will be entered the week of February 1st to 5th. Make sure to get your registration papers turned in on time to get into the classes you want. Attached below is a link to the registration handbook. It has a list of graduation requirements and all of the available classes to take.