Ready to Fall

Marcella Pixley’s book “Ready to Fall” is about mental health, and it was relatable to every day life.


Hannah Singewald

The book Ready to Fall is in the Cannon Falls high school IMC.

“And now I’m pretty sure I’m dying of my mother’s brain tumor. You, my good man, are looking at a kid who is about to kick the proverbial bucket.”

In the book Ready to Fall by Marcella Pixley, Max Friedman is a sophomore who knows that his mother’s brain tumor that killed her, has taken up residence in his own brain. Even though he knows that the tumor is not real, he holds onto the tumor, as it is a way to keep close to his dead mother. However, nobody else knows about the tumor. They simply think that Max has depression and is having a difficult time coping with his mother’s death. They do not know that as time goes on, the tumor wreaks havoc on his life, constantly demanding attention, no matter where he is or what time it is. He believes that the tumor is bouncing off the walls of his brain, causing painful headaches.

They try transferring him to another school known as the art-based Baldwin private school. There, he meets Fish, a girl with bright pink hair and family issues, and The Monk, who collects odd artifacts. His friends convince him to try out for the school play, where he is encouraged to trust other people. He feels almost happy with his friends, but the tumor is always there, lurking in the background, stealing his happiness from the most joyful of moments.

According to, 20% of teens have a mental health disorder. Max is one of these teens, but is he is not diagnosed. His mental condition gets progressively worse as the story goes on, until he is forced to face the tumor. He needs his friends’ help, and his friends need his help coping with their own mental health.

The book was modern and relatable, and there were many twists and turns throughout the story that kept me on the edge of my seat”

— Grace Miller

I enjoyed reading the book very much. It was interesting to see the story of Max and his friends unfold, and I was always wondering what was going to happen next. The book was modern and relatable, and there were many twists and turns throughout the story that kept me on the edge of my seat as Max and his friends learned trust and friendship.

Overall, I would rate this book as a 4 out of 5. If you enjoy books about mental health and how it relates to everyday life, then this would be a very good book to add to your reading list. Ready to Fall unquestionably highlights the dark side of depression and dealing with loss. The ups and downs of Max and his friends make this book a relatable story that would definitely be worth reading.