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Registration for next year’s classes has begun and are due by February 10.


Nathan Baszuro

Kirsten Hoffman advises juniors on how to sign up for their senior classes.

The quarter three midterm occurred on Friday, February 3rd, indicating that Cannon Falls High School is a quarter of the way through the second semester. With the end of the 2022-2023 school year only a little over four months away, students in grades eight through eleven are now registering for their courses for the next academic year.

 During the week of January 16th, guidance counselor Kirsten Hoffman presented registration information to each grade in one of their classes throughout the week. Pupils were given forms to fill out with their desired courses; juniors were also given a paper copy of their transcripts so they could ensure that they would complete all the credits necessary to graduate. 

Students will officially submit course requests on Infinite Campus during the week of February 6th. Hoffman will complete a second circuit of classrooms during the week to walk registrants through the online process. All class requests must be submitted by February 10th. Anyone who needs clarification on courses, credit requirements, or general questions should contact Hoffman via email or by visiting the guidance office.