Relieving stress; prepping for an ACT test

The Cannon Falls Library is offering ACT prep classes over zoom.


Lexie Learmann

To accommodate the pandemic, the library is giving out practice ACT tests through zoom.

Are you planning on taking the ACT and want to find a free ACT resource? Well, this February, the Cannon Falls Library is offering a free ACT prep class via zoom, and an ACT practice test proctored via zoom as well. The preparation was zoomed-in on February 6th at 1 pm, lasting about 90 minutes. The practice test can be taken on either Saturday, February 20th from 10 am to 2 pm or Sunday, February 21st, at the same time. Students who decided they want to take part in this then have to pick up their test packet from the library before 5 pm on Friday, February 19th. There are also additional resources that will be sent out if you plan to attend.

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Some concepts that students could learn about the ACT include finding out what to expect from each section of the test, going over stress relief and self-calming strategies, and learning powerful test-taking strategies as well. With the library offering this, students can take home access to some of the best ACT resources available. The ACT practice test is free and the exams simulate actual test conditions. For example, the test is around four hours long, and the practice test is the same length to simulate this. You are also privately self-scoring your test from home. The practice test does not include the essay portion of the ACT though. Josie Sullivan, a student in 11th grade, attended the ACT preparation zoom and said, ”I chose to take the prep course to get a better understanding of the material on the test to learn. I wanted to also ready myself and manage my stress regarding it.”  Preparing yourself mentally for the ACT is a good start to scoring well on it. 

Using preparing assets for the ACT can help students become comfortable with the arrangement of the test, get lots of practice, and learn proven strategies for succeeding on standardized exams, as the ACT does measure your college readiness skills. So don’t be nervous about the ACT when you can go over what it is going to look like with this free resource.