Return to reality

As the holiday season wraps up, a return to reality can be found in life and in movies.


Lauren Ritz

Much like movies, there is a big difference between real-life and movie trees – particularly the iconic Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

  1. Christmas movies are some of the most watched movies ever made. However, real life and the life in Christmas movies are not always the same. How are movies different from real life?

The movie Elf is a popular movie during the holidays. Some things in the movie are realistic and some are not. When Buddy sings to his dad when his dad is working, It relates to real life because a lot of people with kids have the same thing happen to them. Additionally When the really short guy keeps getting told by buddy that he is an elf he gets really mad and that is really realistic  because if you call people names they will get mad.  On the other hand, When buddy eats the big bowl of spaghetti that contains m&ms, chocolate syrup, and many other candies. It is unrealistic because no one in the real world would eat that, except maybe a little kid. Many things in this movie relate to real life and many things don’t because it is a Christmas movie and is meant to spread happiness. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a very well known movie. In the movie Charlie Brown gets a christmas tree, the tree is really small and is just one single branch. This relates to real life because sometimes trees are just not the best looking. Most of the movie is just about Charlie’s bad luck and how things don’t really work out for him. This relates to a lot of people because people understand what it is like to have bad luck. Snoopy in the movie sleeps on top of his dog house, this is not realistic because no real dog would sleep on top of the dog house. 

Home alone is another very popular movie around the holidays. In the movie there are many things that a kid would do if they were home alone. Such as when Kevin eats a bunch of junk food once he realizes that his family is gone. This is relatable because what kid would not want to eat all the things they are not normally allowed to eat. Pictured in the movie Kevin goes to the store by himself but he walks there, this is somewhat realistic because an eight year old boy would most likely not go to the store by himself.  Kevin protects his home in the movie by setting up a bunch of wild traps to protect his house. He also is not afraid of being home alone or really concerned about where his family is.  One of the traps that Kevin sets up is the sidewalk being really slippery and that relates to real life because sidewalks are really slippery in the winter. 

In conclusion, most Christmas movies have things people can relate to and a lot of things that just are not real. Some people wish they could live in a movie, others would hate living in a movie.