Rings – a review

The Lantern goes to the movies – this time to watch Rings


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The Lantern reviews the latest horror movie

7 is a mystical, magical number. There are seven days in a week, but the number is much more important than just the days of the week. In the Bible, Qu’ran, and Torah the number 7 denotes completeness, and 7 is also significant in Hinduism. In Rings, the number 7 means death.

Rings is a sequel (Although one does not need to see the first) to The Rings. Premised on a video that will kill you in seven days, this haunting horror movie keeps viewers engaged, but isn’t completely filled with gore and treachery like modern day thrillers.

I’m very bad at suspending my belief, so when I first started watching the movie I almost couldn’t finish it. Nothing made sense. Several questions were racing through my mind such as, Why was this video created? Who is the girl? Supernatural invading technology? However I continued to watch the movie to see if anything would make sense in the near future – and it did. Even without watching the first movie, I was shocked at all the plot twists and with the screenwriters hard effort to make a really good suspense movie.

I enjoy horror films, not slashers nor gory thrillers. Being scared for me is a mental game, and Rings did play with my head. Overall, on a rainy day it’s a well worth watch, but not enough for 7 bucks in a movie theater.