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The Netflix series, Squid Games, is a recently popular, drama-filled series that is liked by many.


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The new series on Netflix, Squid Game, has taken the interest of many.

Ranking first in 81 countries, the TV show The Squid Game is very popular. The Squid Game is a show about a group of people who are in debt. They are gathered together to an unknown location and explained that they have a chance to play a series of games to earn a large sum of money to help with their debt. The problem is that at the end of all the games there is going to be one winner and out of hundreds of players, only one person will make it out of the game alive. Even though they know the risks, they still agree to play because they are desperate to pay off the debts they all have.

The first game that was played is called “Red Light, Green Light.” The goal of this game is to reach the other side of the field in time and without being caught moving by the big doll. When the doll says green light the players are to move, and when it says Red light they are to stop. If the doll catches them moving after it says red light they are eliminated and killed.

The second game played is called “Dalgona.” A dalgona is a sweet, circular, yellowish candy. This game’s goal is to carve out a shape on a dalgona perfectly in time.  The competitors are handed a needle to help carve. If they carve it even slightly wrong, they are eliminated. 

The third game played by the players is”Tug of War.” Each team has 10 players. This game was played on higher ground, so if the groups lose, they will fall. The fall is from a super high area all the way down to cold hard ground. Which means, if they don’t win, they will fall and die, therefore being eliminated.

The next game is called “Marbles.” The goal of this game is to get all the marbles from both players. They are partnered and they are handed 10 marbles each. The first game played to earn all the marbles is where players guess even or odd. Each player will grab any amount of marble from the 10 marbles and the other player will guess if they grabbed an even or odd number of marbles. If they guess correctly they get the marble. The next game played, is where they both roll the marble and whoever gets closer to the desired target wins and if they lose, they are eliminated.

The fifth game played is called,” Bridge.” The goal of this game is to cross from one side of a bridge to another without falling and before time runs out. The bridge is made of glass panels. The players have to guess which panels are safe to step on and which will break. If they are wrong, the glass breaks and they are eliminated.

The final game is brutal; it is called “Duel.” It is played when only two people are left alive. The goal of the final game is simple, to kill the other opponent. Each player is handed a knife and left to fight. The player who kills the other player first wins. The winner of the last game is the winner overall. The winner is prized with 45.6 billion won, won is South Korea type of money, and is then brought back to where he lives to pay off the debts. 

Overall, the best part of the show in my opinion is when it was down to the two players. The two players have gone through a lot together but now they have to hurt each other to win. This part is very intense and emotional. I would 100% recommend this show to everyone.