Serving seniors

The CFHS Interact club continues to find new ways to serve the community.

In a year filled with many firsts and new challenges, the Interact club has still managed to find ways to volunteer in the community. One of several volunteer activities that the club successfully completed was going to Cannon Rivers Senior Living and creating a spring inspired art project with the residents. 

Two projects were completed with the residents this year; one that took place in March, and another that took place in early May. For the first project, the Interact members and the Cannon River residents created a sock bunny in celebration of Easter. The second project was more spring inspired, as the residents were given the opportunity to create small vases, filled to the brim with different paper flowers and decorated with various art supplies brought in by the Interact club. All of the supplies for each project were put together by members of Interact, and separated into smaller kits that helped make the project easier to complete. 

These two projects were two of the only service opportunities the club was able to complete in person, making the project more interactive and engaging for everyone involved. Unfortunately, with COVID restrictions still in effect, the Interact club was still limited in what they were able to do. Morgan Kasa, a member of this year’s Interact club, shared that they were only able to have three helpers assist with the project: “In a normal year we probably would have used six volunteers”, she shared. Despite the limit on the number of volunteers, though, both projects were a huge success. The members of the Interact club who were able to volunteer enjoyed engaging with people face to face for the first time this year. 

This was the latest of the club’s various volunteer projects they’ve taken part in throughout the year. As the COVID restrictions continue to loosen, more volunteer opportunities will be available for the club to take part in. These two projects with the residents of the Cannon Rivers Senior Living were the perfect way to celebrate the start of the spring season.