Setting up the season

The end of the Cannon Falls Volleyball season has arrived.

In the heat of the homecoming games Cannon Falls girls volleyball put up a tough fight, and they ended up pulling through with a win against both Lake City and Triton. Homecoming week is traditionally based around the distinguished Friday football game. Nevertheless, the home volleyball games were still packed with excited fans ready to watch the competitive games. Volleyball is a very popular sport for Cannon Falls High School and provides teams from sixth to twelfth grade. Also, just like every other sports team, volleyball has many strengths and weaknesses.

The Junior Varsity volleyball team finished with a record of 1-10. Although this hasn’t been their most successful season, they continued to fight for victories until the season ended. When it comes to the strengths and weaknesses of the team, sophomore Emilee Burr says that kills and blocks were the main strengths of the team. However, they need to work on keeping up the intensity throughout the game. Burr suggests that by the end of the game, they had lost the spark that the players had initially brought to the court. Despite the lack of wins, the team managed to create many memories with each other. Brianna Johnston explained her favorite memory made this season: “playing Kenyon and saving the ball after Brooke Robinson picked it up (got it out of the net).” This demonstrates the positive attitude displayed continuously throughout the season .

The other, most known volleyball team in Cannon Falls is the girls varsity team. On the other hand, the Varsity Volleyball team ended their season with a record of 14-15. Similar to the junior varsity, these girls made a lot of fun memories regardless of the outcomes of their games. Freshman Jaci Winchell says her favorite memory she made this season was decorating shirts as a team. This contributed to the overall relationships of the team members. Even though they may not cooperate well on the court, off the court they treat each other like family and are always supportive of each other. The varsity team has varying strengths and weaknesses compared to the junior varsity team. According to Winchell, one strength includes their constructive spirit, especially after a volley. Secondly, her thoughts about their weaknesses consisted of the team’s lack of unity and communication during plays. This has cost the team several volleys which could have potentially lead to losing a game entirely.

The girls season came to an end after losing their playoff game against Byron following a pretty intense event. They lost the first two matches but ended up coming back and winning the next two. Then they sadly lost 12-15 in the fifth and final match. This was a very bittersweet moment because seasons can get long, but for the seven seniors, it was the last game of their high school career. These skillful ladies were all dedicated players who played their hearts out and gave full effort all the time. The seven seniors and this season will most certainly be missed.