Six of Crows

The plot of Six of Crows is quite interesting, and the chapters within hold a lot of emotion.


Ava Brokate

The crow’s wing is, unsurprisingly, a key symbol for the Six of Crows series.

A lot of books are enjoyable towards readers, because of their plot, characters, or creativity. One book that stands out in all of these categories is Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Six of Crows is 496 pages long, and it includes a lot of details about the story along the way. The author Bardugo, has made more than ten books, and nearly all of them have been loved by fans and received really good feedback. A good question is why does Six of Crows seem to be so good?

Six of Crows is setted in a medieval world, but it has some additions to it. For example, technology is much more advanced than medieval technology. There also are fantasy parts added as well. Some of the characters in Six of Crows are known to be “Grisha.” A Grisha is someone who can do magic. There are different types of Grisha such as a Tailor, who can change someone’s face or appearance to be different than it was before. Just because a Grisha may not be a Tailor doesn’t mean they can’t do it, they just can’t do specific magic as well as an actual Tailor. This isn’t the case for other types where other Grisha can do it, it’s only that way for a Tailor. In the beginning of the book, it introduces the characters. Kaz Brekker is known as the boss of the Crows. Brekker is found to be cold and harsh, but he is really good at picking locks, and making up plans that go according to plan. He also never lets the people helping know the whole plan, in case any contrary occurs. Inej, who is also “The Wraith”, has a talent at being stealthy, and getting information for Kaz. Jesper is next on the list. He has an unhealthy obsession with gambling, but he is really handy with guns. After all, Jesper can shoot really well. Another useful member of the Crows is Wylan. Creating and using bombs is Wylan’s speciality, as well as making blueprints for the team. Up next, is Nina. Nina is the only Grisha out of everyone, and she is a Heartrender, which allows her to change and damage a person’s inside organs. Lastly, is Matthias. He is known as fierce and has a big grudge against Nina. Matthias also used to be a drüskelle who are soldiers who hunt Grisha and hold them for trial as a part of their religion. A lot of likable things about the protagonists are that they all have their own story, and are different from each other. Even the story itself starts off with a lot.

In the beginning of the story, Kaz is told about a mission that is practically impossible. A rich man tells Kaz that a rescue mission is in place, and that Kaz would be the best person to be able to complete it. The mission is to rescue Bo Yul-Bayur from the Ice Court. The Ice Court is a prison that is so secure no one has ever been able to escape it, or even make it out alive if attempted to break in it. Bo Yul-Bauer is a scientist who invented something that could change the world. His creation “jurda parem”, is a drug that can make a Grisha’s powers stronger. The troubling part is that it is very addictive, and if it gets in the wrong hands, it could be used as a weapon. At first Kaz declines it, until he is offered thirty million kruge (dollars) to attempt it. Kaz then comes up with a plan to rescue Bo Yul-Bayur. This is when the team comes into play. Kaz tries to convince everyone to help out, and they end up giving in. The six Crows finally attempt to save Bo Yul-Bayur. The whole book revolves around this mission and the events that occur during that time.

Throughout reading the book, there are parts that may make someone laugh, smile, cry, or even yell at. In all, it’s a really well written book. There are some hilarious scenes, some amazing plot twists, and action to keep readers on the edge of their seats till the end. Of course, there are some negative aspects of Six of Crows. Some people may find the book a little too slow-paced, as it is paced slower to describe things and get readers less confused. One thing that a lot of readers might agree on, is that it gets confusing. There are a lot of new terms, places, and people to understand. One helpful thing is to search for an explanation online, or ask someone, when that happens. For the majority, Six of Crows is mostly an amazing book to read. Six of Crows is not just one book, it has a sequel. There is actually a show that is based off of one of Leigh Bardugo’s books. Unfortunately, it isn’t Six of Crows, but Shadow and Bone. Shadow and Bone is another book based off of the world shown in Six of Crows and takes place before Six of Crows. The show itself is pretty good and it can get pretty addicting once watching. It also includes nearly all of the Crows except for Wylan. Only one season is available for the show, but there is a second show being currently filmed that will have Wylan in it. In all, Six of Crows is a really good book to read, with all of its aspects. It’s definitely a book that should be recommended to everyone. It may not be to everyone’s liking, but it doesn’t hurt to try it out.