Speak now

The first speech tournament of 2023 will be held at CFHS on Feb. 4.



CFHS speakers prepare for the first tournament of the season.

Contrary to the popular conception that school buildings sit vacant over the weekend as the typical student enjoys their two days off, this Saturday, January Fourth, the Cannon Falls High School and Elementary school with be bursting with competitors from various districts around the state partaking in the CFHS speech tournament. 

This occurrence is nothing new for the school; competitions for various sports and activities populate the building nearly every Saturday from September to June. However, this particular Saturday is especially important for the Cannon Falls speech team, as it will be their first tournament of the year, officially kicking off their season. Over 300 students and 100 judges and officials will pack the school with voices from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. — one of the busiest Saturdays the school sees throughout the year. 

Despite what some would view as a stressful mass of people, the Cannon Falls speech team eagerly awaits what they anticipate to be a fun, successful competition.