Special guests

A homeschooled family, the Churchill family, participates in CFHS activities.



Grace and Siri Churchill have been in several CFHS theater productions and have competed on the CF Varsity Speech Team.

Unlike some other schools, CFHS has a history of allowing homeschoolers to participate in extracurricular activities. This practice has benefitted athletic after school activities, but it has had an even greater impact on art programs at the school. From Speech to Theatre, this article will look at how some of Cannon Falls’ honorary students have changed their activities for the better and why they chose to join in the first place.

Homeschooled students bring many things to our art programs. Having performers with flexible schedules allows activity directors to make full use of their time to prepare for productions and/or tournaments. Plus, as homeschoolers show interest in smaller arts programs, this brings up the topic as to why they choose to participate at Cannon Falls High School. Even more importantly, extracurriculars give both traditional students and homeschooled students an opportunity to connect with each other. But what brings the latter to our programs in the first place?

When asked this question Fletcher Churchill, a homeschooled member of CF’s Theatre Department, said “I joined theatre because my parents had always taken me to see the plays when I was little and it looked like fun. Plus, it seemed like a welcoming community.”  Another member of the Churchill family, Grace, shared these memorable experiences and said: “I didn’t really have any expectations going into it, but the community has been really open to creative ideas and I’m happy to have an experience not all homeschoolers get.” Both Churchills have taken part in shows and potentially inspired other homeschooled students to do the same.

Overall, our school district’s practice of including homeschoolers on our extracurricular teams has had a positive impact on the future of the activities and everyone who is a part of them. Hopefully CFHS will continue to break the mold by allowing homeschooling students to break a leg.