Springing into break

The Torch finds out what the middle schoolers were up to over spring break.


Mia Jesh

Some students spent their spring break relaxing and catching up on their reading.

Students all over the country have sprung into spring break, which brings up a very important question, what did people do, and more importantly, what do they think about spring break?

When Spring Break comes to mind most people think of high school and college students going to parties and going on vacation, but what about middle schoolers? They can’t drive and most aren’t allowed to go on vacation without their parents. “I’m going to my grandma’s house one of the days, but other than that I’m totally free,” commented seventh grader Nathan Baszuro. Erin Kremers, an eighth grader, replied that she was going on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.

Most kids think that spring break is great, but they may not all think it for the same reasons. While a sixth grader, Lachlan Caputo, comments that the best thing about spring break is the video games and nerf fights, Kremers and Baszuro think that having no school is the best. Kremers also commented on the need for a spring break saying, “Kids need a break from all of the work and stress that school provides.”

Some parents may enjoy spring break because they get to spend time with their kids and have fun on vacations, while other parents would rather have their kids back at school because they don’t want to deal with them for a week. Lachlan Caputo’s father, Geno Caputo, remarks, “I think it’s a great idea because kids are really tired of school and they need a break to finish the year strong.”

The after effect of spring break was people being extremely unprepared for school to start and the stress just arising through their body. Most people didn’t accomplish anything over spring break. It was used as a time to recover from many long months of school and a time to catch up on being lazy, but resulted in quite the opposite.