Springing into music

The band spring concert will be held on March 15, at 7 p.m.


Zoe Jesh

The high school concert band strikes up a tune at their annual holiday concert.

Anticipating the looming band concert, the middle and high school students are getting prepared for the ringing of their instruments through the high school auditorium. Today, March 15th, the middle school jazz band, steel drum band, and concert band along with the high school flute choir, jazz band, steel drum band, and regular band will be performing starting at 7 p.m. The hard work of these musically talented students is undoubtedly going to be demonstrated well tomorrow night. Ryan Schlichting, a sophomore at CFHS stated, “I’m excited to show this town how great we are as a band especially coming off of our good work at band contest.” Last week, the whole high school building was filled with choir and band students competing in the music contests within the HVL. The CFHS band earned a superior, which can only be a preview for how well they are expected to play this week. If by some unfortunate strike of fate you are not able to make it to this band concert, there are still three more events left for the year. Solo Ensemble will be in April and Slice of Jazz, and the year end concert will be done in May.