Sprinting into the season

The Bomber track team works through a cold start to the season.


Emi Nelson

The CFHS track team warms up before practice

“Runners, to your marks.” Four words that get me going. I settle into my block, which is perfectly set to my measurements. “Get set.” I prepare myself to take off. Next thing I hear is the bang of the gun. I push off, my eyes set on the finish line 100 meters away. As I sprint to the end, I hear the crowd cheering for their team. The meets are what track athletes work their hardest for every practice. Whether it’s sprints, high jump, or discus, track requires hard work and perseverance. While the Bombers JV team might not always get first, they try their best and have fun in the process.

Due to poor weather, the first junior high meet was unfortunately canceled. However, the young athletes are looking forward to the upcoming competitions. Marilyn Mausolf, a seventh grader on the team, is enjoying her second year in the sport. She said that her favorite part about the sport is the meets, because “I get to see so many people in one place.” She went on to say what she thinks every new track athlete should know. “Try different events. If you like multiple, do those.” Wyatt Nelson, an eighth grader, said that his favorite part about track is the community that’s created on the team. Wyatt continued and said “joining track is something I think that everyone should consider trying and maybe doing it as a long term sport.” Lots of track athletes enjoy the sport, and end up doing it through high school.

Wyatt Nelson lifts weights with the track team as the season begins indoors (Emi)

While track is fun for its athletes, it is also very demanding; there is lots of conditioning required for the sport. During the season, the junior high team performs running drills, primarily taking place outside. However, running isn’t the only aspect of track. Strength training is vital for athletes, so the team makes use of the weight room and wrestling room for various exercises. At the end of every practice, the junior high team combines with varsity to do an end of practice workout.In the end, all the hard work pays off at the finish line.