Stay Safe MN (5/13/20)

Governor Walz announced on Wednesday that a new order entitled Stay Safe MN will be put into place after the Stay At Home Order concludes on May 18.


Governor Tim Walz Facebook

Governor Walz makes announcement to help Minnesota gravitate towards “normal” life.

On Wednesday, May 13, at 6:00 p.m. Governor Walz explained in a news conference that the Stay At Home Order, which was put into place on March 27, will expire as scheduled on May 18. As soon as this order ends, it will be replaced with a new one, Stay Safe MN. The purpose of the upcoming order is to allow people to incorporate more social interactions into their lives while still prioritizing everyone’s safety.

Gov. Walz explained his plan to accomplish this goal when he stated “Minnesotans are still asked to stay close to home and limit travel to what is essential; however, the order allows gatherings with friends and family in groups of 10 or less with social distancing. In all cases, Minnesotans are asked not to gather in large groups. All gatherings are limited to 10 and social distancing with masks, hand-washing and other safety measures should be followed to protect each other.”

He also informed during his daily briefing that retail stores and other businesses can reopen as long as they have a concrete plan for maintaining social distancing. Slowly, but surely, he wants to bring life back to “normal.” For this reason, he stated that bars, restaurants, barbershops, and salons will be allowed to reopen starting on June 1. Of course, many different factors could push the reopening date back, but for now, these businesses can reopen at the beginning of June as long as they take precautionary measures to ensure their customers’ safety.

Minnesotans, thank you for your continued sacrifices. You have saved thousands of lives.”

— Governor Tim Walz

Gov. Walz truly believes Minnesotans have played a big role in slowing the spread of COVID-19. He stated “Minnesotans, thank you for your continued sacrifices. You have saved thousands of lives. You successfully pushed out the peak of this virus and bought our state time to get ready to treat those who fall ill. We know there’s no stopping the storm of COVID-19 from hitting Minnesota, but we have made great progress to prepare for it.”

Although Gov. Walz loosened the social distancing restrictions slightly, he is still wary of what this virus could have instore. In preparation for the worst situation, he has extended Minnesota’s peacetime emergency plan until June 12. The plan gives him the authority to continue public health and economic relief measures that have been established during the pandemic.