Sudden changes

Due to rapidly increasing Covid cases, the Cannon Falls district has decided to shift to full-time distance learning beginning April 15.


Jeff Sampson

This letter was sent out to parents in the Cannon Falls district.

Unfortunately, Cannon Falls Area Schools are seeing a surge of positive COVID-19 cases. Recently, twenty-five percent of students were sent home to quarantine due to contact tracing. To keep students safe, the schools’ administrations decided to switch learning models for the high school and middle school. Originally, the middle school, or grades 6 through 8, were to assume the hybrid learning model that was introduced at the beginning of the school year. The high school, or grades 9 through 12, were to begin full-time distance learning. According to this previous plan, the grades affected would only assume these learning models for two weeks or until April 23rd.

As of today, April 14, the school has once again decided to change the learning model, this time a much more drastic change.” Superintendent Jeff Sampson released a statement to parents stating “Covid numbers have been exponentially growing.” In response to this crisis, the entire district, meaning all students PreK-12, will assume full-time distance learning from April 15th until May 3rd.

After these next two weeks of full-time distance learning, elementary students will tentatively return to in-person learning, but middle school and high school students will restart hybrid learning pending changes. As far as activities go, all extra-curricular will be put on temporary pause unless they can be done in a completely virtual manner. This restriction means that speech can continue their  virtual season from home, but sports will be put on hold. Further details on building specifics, athletics, and activities will be released in the near future. Because of the pause for safety, Prom has been postponed, and in the works of rescheduling for some time after graduation.

On the other hand, the school will continue providing free meal pick up Monday through Friday between 11am and 12:30pm. Cannon Kids care has shifted over to Cannon Emergency Care, which means that children who qualify for care must come from families in which all parents or guardians currently work as Tier 1 employees. Care will be continue to be offered 6:00am-6:00pm on Mondays through Thursdays and 6:00am-3:00pm on Fridays. Families are encouraged to have a backup plan in case Emergency Care rooms are shut down due to more Covid cases.

This year can only be described as having a rollercoaster of changes and a rollercoaster of emotions. The Cannon Falls school district has been doing their best to keep students and staff safe, while also facilitating a positive learning environment for all. Everyone is crossing their fingers for a happy, healthy remainder of the school year.