Switching schools

There are a lot of factors to consider when entering high school.


Monette Otterness

The transition to high school can be a very stressful time for students.

Leaving middle school may be viewed in different ways for 8th graders. Some may find it exciting, scary, or too soon. All 8th graders have their own opinion on it though. Whether they find it good or bad all depends on their perspective. That’s not the only thing they may be worried about, but what changes. Of course, as it was when going from elementary to middle school, there are things that change.

When going into 9th grade, not much changes. Students still have different teachers, new assigned lockers, etc. However, the most noticeable thing is that students become more independent when going into 9th grade. It’s not much of a start, but it is a good one. For example, incoming 9th graders get to choose two of their four classes for each semester. They have an option to take a language class, a study hall, classes to prepare themselves for the future, or many others. Most people typically choose a language as one of their options. They may choose Spanish, or another language offered online. Regardless of what they choose, they still have to choose other classes. Some options are Band, Art, General Business, Personal Finance, and Ag classes. It all depends on what they want to do in the future, or what comes to their liking. Of course, two classes each term isn’t enough, so there are the required classes to fill up the rest. Math, Language, Civics, and Gym are some of these. Classes aren’t the only small changes. Another small change is where classes and lockers are located. When going into 9th grade, students are now in high school, so their lockers and classes are moved to the high school hallway. It’s not that big of a deal, but it does feel like being a sixth grader all over again with being near older and taller kids. As shown here, not much is new turning into a 9th grader, but it’s still new, and some 8th graders may have different opinions on it than others.

When registering for classes to fill up the 9th grade schedule, there’s a couple opinions about it. When asked if they liked registering for a class, two 8th graders had very different opinions on it. One of them, Graham Bray, pointed out that he didn’t know what to pick, considering there’s a lot of options. This can be even harder especially to people who may not know what class may be fun, or worth it in the future. Another student, Peter Burch, liked it instead: “It was easy with registration, because it was really simple.” With the guidelines, and information from teachers, registration became easier for some students. Some other students may be in between, or in complete agreement with Burch or Bray. Many Students have also stated that they are not going to miss middle school but are afraid about maybe getting harder class and receiving more homework. Cole Rapp is most excited for gym class in high school because he gets to do a weightlifting unit. Many students are looking forward to harder sports and being a part of a higher level team, and some are looking forward to just taking an art class that is more challenging. Kanden Anderson pointed out that grades start to count towards the future once you become a freshman. Some other students are also nervous for 9th grade. Others are excited, or don’t know how to feel. Everyone can agree though, that it will be new and different.

9th grade will be very different from middle school but it will be a good change. Many people are nervous about going into high school but it will be worth it in the end. Things may be the same but many things will also be very different. Whatever happens, hopefully it will be fun. Maybe it will even be one of the best years of school. 8th graders shouldn’t be worried about it, or sad. Who knows, maybe it will all be worth it.