Take a seat

Members of the local Eagle Scouts crafted benches for the CFHS school forest.


Kirsten Hoffman

The participating scouts are, from left to right, Thorfin Lundell, Mitchell Hoffman, Liam Dewanz, and Mateo Hildalgo.

Unbeknownst to most students of Cannon Falls High School, Boy Scout Troop 39 has seen a larger than usual influx in new recruits recently. With new Scouts comes more excitement for Scouting. That excitement often leads to Eagle Scouts.

During the Spring of 2022 there have been 4 Troop 39 Scouts who have achieved the rank under Eagle Scout. Once a Scout reaches the 6th rank, called Life Scout, they can start working on their renowned Eagle Scout service project. Scouts have until their 18th birthday to finish their project and complete all paperwork associated with said project.

The most recent addition to the list of Troop 39 Eagle Scouts is Cannon Falls Senior Mitchell Hoffman. He has been working towards his Eagle Scout ever since he joined Scouts in the 7th grade and recently his Eagle Scout project has made a stir in the community.

Mitchell’s Eagle Scout project consisted of 6 benches which were placed in and around the school forest. Each bench was sponsored by a different member of the community, most notably was a bench sponsored by Gemini and a bench dedicated in memory of Gloria Vande Hoef by Cal Vande Hoef. 

In an interview with Mitchell he said, “The completion of this project was extremely fulfilling and really showed me what all of my hard work over the past 6 months has led me to, but the work was far from over.” His father, who Mitchell says was an instrumental part of motivating him to finish the project, had similar things to say, “While the physical part of the project was finished with the benches there were still mounds of paperwork to complete in the 2 weeks before Mitch turned 18.”

Currently Mitchell is waiting on his Eagle Scout board of review which will occur on June 12th. At this board of review Mitchell is expected to show how his project has helped his community and how he has lived the Scout Oath, Scout Motto, and Scout Law throughout his day to day life.

Other Scouts that may soon be added to the list of Troop 39 Eagle Scouts are Jesse Mosser who is making a meditation area near the elementary school for his Eagle Scout project as well as Wyatt Mosser who is creating boxes for people to put American flags in that need to be retired so that they may have a proper ceremony.

While he hasn’t announced his Eagle Scout service project yet, Liam Dewanz is a Scout to watch out for. He is the youngest candidate from Troop 39 in decades, who may even complete his Eagle Scout rank at 14 which is the youngest age you can earn the prestigious rank. Despite the larger than usual influx of new Scouts, Troop 39 is always looking for more recruits to become the leaders of tomorrow.