The final word

Final exams overshadow everything the last two days of school


Katie Allen

Laura Johnson and Olivia Anderson work intently preparing for finals

Rapidly approaching, summer is just behind the corner. The season filled with lakes, sunshine, freezies, and a whole lot of happiness is within our grasp, however, it’s not time just yet. Before we can be set free, there is just one little obstacle to overcome. This little nuisance is finals. Thursday and Friday this week, we will be suffering through the tortuous exams for 1 hour and 30 minutes for each class period. Between these extended periods, there will be a 10 minute break where the hallways will be filled with students eating a quick snack before heading back to their classrooms and others sharing details with their friends of the test they just took. Hours 1-4 will be giving their finals on Thursday which will then be followed on Friday by hours 5-7 including a make-up hour for any students who did not finish their exams within the 1.5 hours given. Although the gruesome process of studying and preparing for the finals is upon us, the sweet relief of summer is so close. In only 3 short days all of the studying, highlighting, and reading will be in the past, allowing for an exciting summer to look forward to.