The Mandalorian

Star Wars’ new series has mixed reviews from viewers.

The Mandalorian series has captured viewers attention throughout each quick episode.

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The Mandalorian series has captured viewers’ attention throughout each quick episode.

Even before it was released in 2019, the new streaming service Disney+ began to draw many people’s attention. On its November 12 release date, millions purchased it and began to watch and enjoy all of the shows on the newly exciting platform. The Simpsons, National Geographic shows, Marvel movies, and Star Wars films were some of options available. Despite the abundance of the shows and movies to choose from, one stood out as the most anticipated and, eventually, most watched on the platform: The Mandalorian. 

Since The Last Jedi, Star Wars fans have been waiting for the next addition to the Star Wars family. The Mandalorian was unexpected, yet exactly what they were hoping for. Though the new series was enjoyed by most, it didn’t live up to some people’s expectations. Many of those who felt that the show fell short claimed that  it was “half-baked,” suggesting that the producers put half effort into the show when compared to movies like The Last Jedi. Even though some Star Wars fans didn’t love the new spin-off, many were just grateful that the next production had come out.

Unfortunately, the season episode turnout was disappointing, particularly for those who loved this new series, releasing only eight episodes. But what it lacked in quantity was made up in quality. The show did a splendid job of cramming action into every single 25 minute episode, while still providing a relatively easy to follow plot line. Most of the characters were not thrown in without introduction (with the exception of what are arguably the two most important characters, the Mandalorian and the baby Yoda).

Episodes were exciting and kept viewers on the edge of their seats. The show was so riveting that it made some viewers so engrossed in the show. Those watching lost track of time. It was easy for viewers to think they had been watching for a few minutes, then the episode would end without warning and watchers would realize that they had watched all 20-23 minutes of the episode.

Once the end of the season came, many viewers were disappointed. They wanted more episodes to continue the story, only to be left on a cliffhanger. But the season was of good quality, and viewers vigilantly await the next season.