The Sword of Kuromori

Chock full of action-packed events, the Sword of Kuromori is a great book for sci-fi lovers.


Kenny Blackwood must battle a variety of adversaries in the Sword of Kuromori.

The Sword of Kuromori is a remarkable story about a boy who just got on a plane from the United States and is en route to Tokyo. When he is on the plane, things start to get weird. He hears scratching above him and opens the overhead apartment only to find a mythical creature called a Tanuki. He is involved in a high speed chase in a car that is taking him to the jail to interrogate him about information about the sword, but is quickly taken by a mysterious person on a silent motorcycle. He is then taken to a hut with an old man who tells him he will need to find a lost sword and save the world.

This is the story of Kenny Blackwood, a teenage boy who arrives in Tokyo to see his dad; his mother had recently died of cancer. He receives a letter from his grandfather telling him he needs to find a vanished sword called Kusanagi. A man named Sato is going to make the dragon stomp underground in order to make a sonic boom that will start a giant wave that is directed straight towards the United States. Kenny has to be trained in order to find the sword and save the United States from a tsunami that will happen not long from when he arrives in Tokyo. He meets the biker who saved him and her name was Kiyomi and her father Hiroshima. They are the ones burdened with the task of training young Blackwood to fight and find the sword. Kenny needs to learn to master the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and space. They have nine days to get the sword and find and stop the dragon.

I think this was a really fun imaginary rollercoaster of ups and downs. I would recommend this book for sci-fi and mythology lovers.