Tryouts for talent

Any students with a skill to demonstrate are encouraged to try out for this year’s talent show.


Nathan Baszuro

Talent show flyers are posted around the school with more information about tryouts and how to sign up.

The Cannon Falls High School Student Council is putting on their annual talent show. The tryouts for the show are from 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. on March 29th in the auditorium. There are flyers posted around the school with a QR code to scan if students would like to sign up for a time slot. The talent show will take place on April 14 (PLC), during the second and third hour in the auditorium. There will also be one rehearsal date for all acts to practice their performances in order. 

The student council is putting on the talent show so students who have cool talents can show off their skills. The council encourages people to practice their acts and come well prepared. Students and staff will watch the show during the school day. The talent show is a great opportunity for students to support their classmates and cheer on their amazing talents.