Umbrella Academy

From soundtrack to costumes, the Umbrella Academy is a great show packed with excellent features.


Anastyn Casey

Umbrella Academy follows a group of time travelers living in the 1960s.

The Umbrella Academy series involves 43 children who were born by 43 different women who did not have any pregnancy signs prior. This series is about seven of these children who were born with special abilities. Soon after they were born, they were adopted by a millionaire who trained them to save the world. They eventually grow up and the series starts off there. Throughout the series they have to go through time. They mess up their world every time they travel through time. 

This series is based off of a collection of comics and graphic novels written by My Chemical Romance’s lead singer, Gerard Way. The comic and the series are quite different though. For example, one character has a different power in the comic than in the show.  It also adds another side character. Although the Umbrella Academy was created by Gerard Way, Steve Blackman made it into a TV series. The Umbrella Academy takes place in the 1960s. The characters do time travel a lot so they are always in different places but the main time area is in the 60s. To go along with the time area the show has an awesome soundtrack.

Many of the songs are from the 60s but some are more recent too. The costumes of the characters are very fun and cool because they fit the timeline. The characters all have very good dynamics and stories. The actors do a very good job of acting and portraying their characters perfectly. Although there are many characters in this show the main antagonist is Vanya Hargreeves. A favorite character of many is Klaus Hargreeves who has the power to talk to the dead.  The most mature character is Luther Hargreaves who tries to keep the whole family together. There are currently two seasons with a third season on its way, to be released in 2022.  Every season has ten episodes and each episode is around an hour long so it is a little time consuming.  It would take at least sixteen hours and fifty eight minutes to watch the whole series.This series is rated TV fourteen but many different ages watch it.

The umbrella academy was filmed in Toronto, Canada and Ontario. Many times it was snowing in Canada so they had to use green screens to shoot some scenes. Other times when it was not supposed to snow but it did and then they had to add it to the script. Since this show is an action show they have used a lot of special effects and props. Since they use so many props it takes about 18 months to make each individual series. The Umbrella Academy is a series that is filled with action, great characters and many funny moments. If you like science fiction, drama and superhero shows then you should definitely watch this series.


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