Upcoming AP tests

The next few weeks for AP kids will be busy with the AP tests creeping up fast.


Anna Dubbels

AP tests are coming up fast.

The AP tests are college-level exams on specific subjects such as Math, History, Science, and English. The tests are nationwide and are all taken in May upon the completion of the course. At many colleges, a high enough score on the test will earn a student college credit. AP courses can be extremely helpful in many students’ paths to college.

AP tests are designed to see how well students understand the material and skills of a specific AP course. There are many benefits to taking an AP course. Successfully passing an AP course can help students earn college credit early, as said before. Another thing is that the course would most likely only be one semester in college but for the AP curriculum, it would almost be two semesters. By taking an AP class high school students can bypass standard intro courses in college. 

Cannon Falls High School offers six AP classes ranging from History to Math and much more. The test subjects and days are AP Government on May 2; AP Literature on May; AP US History on May 6; AP Calculus on May 9; AP Composition on May 10; and AP Biology on May 11.