Valentine’s Day: a girlfriend’s gift guide

For those who are stressing about what to get their significant other in honor of the mushy-gushy holiday just around the corner, a CFHS student has explained the perfect equation for the perfect gift.


Ava Brokate

Valentine’s day can be stressful for some people, but even the smallest of gifts, like a heartfelt card or letter, are greatly appreciated.

Valentine’s Day is a period of twenty-four hours dedicated to the celebration of love and affection. It’s about expressing adoration towards a significant other, family, and even friends. To do so, a person physically displays their appreciation for another through thoughtful gifts, acts of service, and words of affirmation. This expectation enforces others to shower the people they care about most with love throughout the day. However, this may seem harder than it sounds. Gift guides are a cheat-sheet for those who have trouble coming up with creative and meaningful gifts for their special someone. In that thought as someone with a significant other myself, hopefully, this will help others brainstorm ideas of Valentine’s Day gifts for their girlfriend. 

Ghirardelli’s Valentine’s Day collection includes a heart shaped box full of chocolate and caramel candies. (Aizlynn Thim)

With Valentine’s Day being a romantic holiday, most girlfriends just want a well thought out and loving gift. This shows that their significant other cares and pays attention to their likes and dislikes. A good starter is some sort of food, whether it’s their favorite chocolate, candy, or snack.  By taking this route, one can never go wrong. Food should always be included, and a chocolate heart is a classic. If chocolate just isn’t their thing, takeout from their favorite restaurant might be the best way to go. It might be wise to add some sort of memory-related gift which can help the couple reflect on all the memories they’ve made and how many more there are to come. Including a personal touch is highly recommended. Various examples could include; framing a favorite picture of each other together, a little keychain with pictures of the couple, a collage of pictures, or just anything thoughtful and creative in that aspect. 

Next, is a materialistic good that the girlfriend would be able to keep and remind them of their boyfriend. Some examples of this would be a stuffed animal, flowers a plush toy, and maybe even a sweatshirt. Bree Robinson, also a student at Cannon Falls High school, shared  “My favorite gift would be flowers.” Flowers are a very simple yet appreciated gift, and although cliche, people secretly want them anyway. Lastly, is a gift that would be the most heartfelt. This present would have an immense amount of thought put into it to really capture and express the love one has for another. A model of this would be a promise ring, an elaborate piece of jewelry, a handwritten letter of love, or even possibly something they’ve wanted for a while. This will ensure the love has been expressed to the fullest extent showing the gratitude this person has for the other.

Sophomore Kylee An handmade Valentines for all of her friends. Each Valentine included a heart with a one-of-a-kind, colorful friendship bracelet.

Valentine’s Day is a time for showing the love and adoration one has for the people in their life. Gifts are not necessary but they do acknowledge how much a person cares. By putting thought into presents one gives, it shows the other person that they care, listen, and know about the things they like, furthering the value of the gifts. By following this gift guide’s food, memorial, materialistic, and heartfelt equation for the perfect present one would get the idea of how to put thought into the best gifts for a partner. If this method is followed, one’s girlfriend will be more than pleased with their presentation of love.