Waiting for warmer weather

Sometimes, Minnesota’s wicked winter weather is too much for people, so finding indoor activities to participate in can be a great solution to cure boredom.


Cora Park

There are a variety of indoor activities Minnesotans can do to keep them busy, while they wait for the weather to warm up.

After months filled with uneasy anticipation, Minnesota has finally been hit with the one thing residents have grown to wearily expect each year–absurdly freezing weather. The second someone steps outside they are blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the snow, as well as an overwhelming wave of freezing cold air, occasionally paired with a relentless wind. The ice and snow that blanket the ground often hinder people’s abilities to travel farther than a few miles, making it near impossible to get to their destination. For years, the frigid weather from December to March has greatly limited activities people can participate in. But, this year, the weather paired with the COVID mandate has made it even harder to stay busy. Thankfully, there are many activities people can participate in to keep themselves entertained when the freezing weather hits. 

One of the most popular activities students have done to keep busy is to go on a binge of their favorite show. Whether it’s a series or a movie, everyone enjoys curling up with a blanket for a marathon of either their long-time favorite show or a newly discovered gem. Many use the Netflix platform to watch a variety of shows; some of the most popular shows are “Criminal Minds” and “The Vampire Diaries.” Megan Wichser, a junior this year at Cannon Falls High School, shared that her current binge is “Grey’s Anatomy,” another popular favorite for many. Bingeing a favorite show or movie is a great way to waste time and keep yourself entertained when outdoor activities could result in frostbitten fingers.

Athletics have also been keeping students busy during the winter months. A variety of sports like basketball, wrestling, and dance have been practicing and competing. With COVID greatly limiting options to go out and interact with others, many students have found that athletics provide a welcome excuse to get out of the house and interact with people they don’t see on a daily basis. Olivia Villarreal, a current member of the Bomber Dance Team in Cannon Falls echoed this statement, “It’s so nice to be with the girls working hard.” Not only do students involved in athletics get the opportunity to interact with other students, but they also get the chance to get out of their households for a short period of time. 

It’s so nice to be with the girls working hard.”

— Olivia Villarreal

Other students have kept themselves busy by studying for one of high school’s grander tests, the ACT. With the ACT test date at Cannon Falls High School rapidly approaching, many students have been hard at work studying, in hopes of a high exam score. Students have had access to online ACT prep study sessions and practice ACT tests over the past couple of weeks to help them prepare. Many have also looked online and found a variety of different tools and test-taking tips to help them pass the test with flying colors. Studying for the ACT is a productive way to keep students busy. 

Overall, despite the freezing cold temperatures, students have managed to find a variety of different activities to keep them occupied as we eagerly await warmer weather. Between athletics, school, and their favorite hobbies, students have kept entertained as the famous Minnesota winter season continues to trudge along, as slow as molasses in January.