We the people want to win

We the People (WEPO) will compete for the first time this December.


Zoe Jesh

A sign dedicated We the People is displayed in Mrs. Loeschke’s classroom.

AP Government students will be going to the Minnesota State Capitol building on Wednesday, December 11 for the state We the People competition. In teams of three, the class will deliver four minutes speeches in response to six different prompts all regarding the U.S. Constitution, American Democracy, the Bill of Rights, and the American system of government to a panel of three judges. Each of the teams will then be tested with a six minute session of Q & A. Judges will evaluate the performance of all the teams who participated in each unit and choose which school’s team earned “best in site”. If Mrs. Loeschke’s students come out on top and continue their unparalleled dominance in the state competition, they will be going to DC in April for nationals.