Weight of their shoulders

What originally began as solely a way to stay in shape for some, weightlifting has become a full fledged passion for others.


Ellie Stodden

Trenton Matthies is only one example of a dedicated athlete on the weightlifting team.

Every athlete has the same commandment ringing in their head during their athletic off-season: “Stay in shape for next year.” Coaches are notorious for casting this commandment out to their players, constantly attempting to push these competitive individuals to their fullest potential. Such a bidding can often prove to be a challenge as it requires players to hold themselves accountable, constantly demanding both a motivated passion for the sport and a devoted mind.

Many athletes have found that the best way to accomplish this goal and stay passionate about their fitness is to join the Cannon Falls weightlifting team. Junior, Maddie Hall, a member of the team, shared that she joined weightlifting because “[she] wanted something to keep her in shape” for her other sports, tennis and track. Weightlifting provides for these athletes like Hall both the presence of a coach and a team that spurs an enthusiasm about keeping strong that would be otherwise difficult to emulate on one’s own.

[she] wanted something to keep her in shape”

— Maddie Hall

Although most members join out of a desire to stay in shape, these devoted athletes can attest to the fact that weightlifting has become something more than just strength training, transforming the activity for each player into a competitive sport that cultivates in all its own devotion and passion for the competition.

With the March 7 state weightlifting competition quickly approaching, dedication to and passion for the heavy sport is at an intense climax. Characterized by constant self improvement, the season has generated ardent weightlifters prepared for the challenges that the state tournament presents.

Devoted member of the team, John Delk, shared his personal efforts to reach his goals, accentuating that he has “just been lifting as much as possible,” constantly trying “to put all in.” To Delk and the rest of the team, it is clear that the success of the team this year has been a direct result of the ardent efforts put forth by every athlete involved.

With a season of strong spirited training behind every member of the Cannon Falls weightlifting team, each athlete is ready for the state tournament, prepared to conquer competition, overcome barriers, and break records.