The Lantern reviews the animated movie Zootopia

The animated stars featured in the movie Zootopia

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The animated stars featured in the movie Zootopia

Zootopia is an animated children’s movie about a bunny cop and a fox con artist that team up to try and find a missing weasel. While this movie has earned a PG rating, a lot of the subject matter is anything but. The movie itself could be an allegory for racism. Throughout the movie there is discrimination against certain types of animals, mainly between the predators and prey. In one scene, the fox is with his “son” at an ice cream store attempting to get a popsicle when the owner tells him to get out, because he only serves to elephants. Another example of racism in this children’s movie is that the bunny cop is the first ever cop that’s a bunny and no one believes that she can be a cop because of her species. When she finally achieves her goal, she shows up to work only to be put on parking duty, while all the other new recruits get to track down missing animals.

           In the movie the bunny and the fox discover 13 animals who go savage, which means they go back to their animal characteristics such as hunting, and not having human traits. Out of those 13, all of them are predators. People begin to fear the predators and start to shun them. The front desk at the police station is operated by a jaguar, and he gets moved to filing in the back because the boss doesn’t want him to be the first face that the people see.

           The reason why the animals are going savage is because someone is drugging them. Drugs in general typically aren’t appropriate for children especially when it is forced. This children’s movie has content for a more mature audience in my opinion, and shouldn’t be watched by the younger generations. Overall the movie had an interesting plot and the characters were entertaining. Some helpful advice would be to give caution to younger kids before viewing this movie because some of the content is not recommended for small children.