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Staging a break from stress

The CFHS drama class presents a short production just in time to relax a finals-stressed audience

Anna Schroeder  teaches Isabel Crosby a lesson in breaking up

Anna Schroeder teaches Isabel Crosby a lesson in breaking up

Katie Allen

Katie Allen

Anna Schroeder teaches Isabel Crosby a lesson in breaking up

Aizlynn Thim, Staff Writer

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Although the rest of the week might be stressful for high schoolers with finals, “The 9 Worst Breakups of All Time” brought spirits up a bit. Eve Tonsil, played by Anna Schroeder, is a modern fairy godmother in “The 9 Worst Breakups of All Time.” The play was written by Ian McWethy and presented by Mrs. Stamer’s third hour drama class. Katie (Isabel Crosby) says she had “the worst breakup of all time,” at which point an employee from “Relationships for a Better Tomorrow” appears. Eve takes her through time to show the actual worst breakups.

This play gave students who spent a relaxing forty minutes to put a hold on their finals anxiety. Being relatable for many teens who have been in messy relationships, it was almost comforting as well as entertaining. The breakups ranged from humiliating to creatively stupid. One couple had gone on a romantic date, the boyfriend began to propose, then asked to break up. Another had been at a friend’s house playing charades when the girl gestured that she was dumping him. Schroeder said the class was also amused by the production as her favorite part was, “watching all the really funny parts and the awkwardness of everybody acting.”

Katie Allen
Hayden Strain and Andrew Ayers discuss an early breakup

The class did some researching before settling on “The 9 Worst Breakups of All Time,” Schroeder says they picked their top five from a website and voted for the most popular. Planning the play began after the return from Christmas break so they had been working on this for only a couple of weeks. Students had an influence in choosing their parts as they wrote down the top 5 characters they were interested in.  Stamer ultimately made the decision and Schroeder performed the character she hoped for.

After the fall musical and before the one act play, this refreshing performance entertained everyone who was there. Some found the clicheness of the production its best aspect and others thought the characters were the biggest amusement. Either way, it was a blast for the actors and the audience.

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Staging a break from stress