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A Thai to Cannon Falls

CFHS welcomes Sun Chaiwat from Thailand for the year

Sun looks up during a break in the class reading of the novel,

Sun looks up during a break in the class reading of the novel, "Of Mice and Men".

Jordynn Zier

Jordynn Zier

Sun looks up during a break in the class reading of the novel, "Of Mice and Men".

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Some of us cannot even imagine being away from our families for a week, let alone a whole year. But for the four foreign exchange students in Cannon Falls, this has become their reality. Our school is used to getting the usual foreign exchange student from Europe, but this year we have a boy from a unique area; Thailand.

Sun Chaiwat, 16 years old, is a junior who traveled all the way from Bangkok to study at Cannon Falls High School. Though America is very different for Chaiwat, he claims he loves it. Currently, he is playing basketball on the JV Boys Basketball team, a sport that he also takes part in in his native country. Along with playing basketball, Chaiwat absolutely loves music. He likes to play guitar and can often be found in the hallway jamming to his music with his headphones in. One of his favorite music genres is pop, both Thai and American. If he had to pick his favorite American pop song, it would be “All of Me,” by John Legend.

In Thailand, Chaiwat is an only child who lives with his mom and dad, although in Cannon Falls, he is currently living with his host family, the Parrott’s. He has gotten the experience of living with a larger family with host siblings; which has to be a huge change from being an only child. Another adjustment he’s experienced is the weather. In Bangkok they do not have snow and the weather is fairly warm. While here in Minnesota, we have blizzards and freezing temperatures. Overall though, Sun says he loves America. When asked about his favorite American food, he happily replied with “All of it!” His response was the exact same when asked about his favorite thing about our culture.

Sun Chaiwat is an outstanding foreign exchange student from Thailand and we are very lucky to have him be apart of our school. He came from all the way across the world to come be a part of the little town of Cannon Falls. Not only is he a great addition to the basketball team, but to the school as a whole. From the students at Cannon Falls school, we are very thrilled to have Sun be a Cannon Falls Bomber.

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A Thai to Cannon Falls