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A tree that keeps on giving

The Giving Tree program was a successful part of the holidays at CFHS

An annual fundraiser kicks off once again.

An annual fundraiser kicks off once again.

Katie Allen

Katie Allen

An annual fundraiser kicks off once again.

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A baby boy from Pakistan, a teenage girl from Spain, and a baby girl from Northfield, Minnesota, what do all of these children have in common? They were given life saving care by the Ronald McDonald Hospital Charities (RMHC). This center reinvigorates families with hope, and helps them know that their child is in good care.

During the week of December 12-16, the Cannon Falls High School Student Council set out to make a difference not only in their community, but in the world as well. Collecting new toys, toiletries, and other new products that can help families through the Holidays. From games like Boggle to Crest toothpaste, as the donations came in more and more families were given the items, and they would know that others care for their struggle.

“When we were at the Ronald McDonald House, we met people from all over the world,” Band Director Mike Legvold said. “Our son was born 11 weeks early, and his wrist could use my wedding ring as a wristband.” It was a turbulent time for the Legvolds, and they didn’t have time to think about getting toothpaste or food for they were so worried for their son’s life. “It was really nice that we could fall back on the Ronald McDonald House whenever we forgot to get something because we were taking care of our son.”

When we were at the Ronald McDonald House, we met people from all over the world”

— Mike Legvold

In total, the Student Council collected over 400 items worth of supplies. Interact, another group that promotes volunteer work in the community, donated two hundred dollars worth of supplies to the Giving Tree. As the proceeds were delivered, it helped fill a twenty foot trailer from other areas of southern Minnesota.

At the end of the day, being able to help out an organization that helps not only our community but the world helps people see what this holiday is all about – giving. And giving the gift of love, hope, and inspiration is just about as good as it gets.

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A tree that keeps on giving