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An alternative home

The CFHS Alternative Leqrning Center finds itself in a new year and in a new home.

ALC students work in their new center

ALC students work in their new center

Melissa Franz

Melissa Franz

ALC students work in their new center

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Two years ago, Amy Dombeck’s teaching schedule went like this: The ALC was in the CCC, and Dombeck had to be there for the first two hours of school. Then she had to drive up to the high school for 3rd hour Psychology, go back to the ALC for 4th and 5th hour, then drive back to the high school for two sections of Human Geography. “It was pretty hectic and stressful,” Dombeck stated. Last year was better, starting at the ALC and ending the day at the high school. But this year after weighing what was best for students, staff and the school, the decision was made by the principle and the rest of the administration to bring the ALC up to the high school to save costs.

The ALC, or Alternative Learning Center, is for students who choose the program for a different way of learning, who need credit recovery to get back on track to graduate, or they may have struggles that make it difficult to be successful with a regular school schedule. Dombeck said that “Right now we have around 20 ALC students enrolled, some part-time and some full-time.” Helping students get on track and stay on track for high school graduation is what ALC is all about.

Being back at the high school is more convenient for ALC students, online students and the ALC staff.  “We shared the CCC with GCED’s (Goodhue County Education District) Riverside program and we only used two classrooms. Riverside moved into a new school this summer. So to help cut costs, it was proposed to move the ALC to the High School.”  The ALC and online learning classrooms are now all up in the High School making it easier for everyone. The rooms that are now used for ALC have been remodeled to make it more of an online classroom environment. “Our classroom has become the place that any CF student taking an online class can do their work. ”

The students are benefiting from the new location of the ALC because there is more interaction with the students in their grade and they also have the choice in how they want or need to learn. Sierra Franklin, a sophomore at Cannon Falls High School, said, “It’s much easier up here in the High School than down at the CCC,” But this new location doesn’t only help students, it helps teachers. “All of the ALC teachers had to make accommodations. It is hard to do a science experiment without a lab. And if students at the high school needed to talk to you, you might have to cut the conversation short. Being at the high school is convenient and helps students and staff.” Dombeck stated

The ALC being moved to the high school is a win, win, and win for all students and teachers. “I’m very glad that the students get to be more interactive with their grade and also still get the education they need,” Dombeck smiles as she walks from her room, just down the hall, and into the ALC room.

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