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Junior captain Kaly Banks is a valuable asset to the girls' basketball team

Katie Allen

Kaly Banks dribbles the basketball as she looks for an opening in the opponents defense.

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Why are basketball players messy eaters? Because they’re always dribbling. Junior Captain Kaly Banks is an ambitious asset to the girl’s basketball team. With a lifetime of experience playing the game and a dedicated, positive attitude, none of her natural athletic ability is going to waste.

“I ‘grew up’ with a basketball in my hands because my dad has a passion for the game,” she reminisces. “He showed it by coaching me when I was younger and then when my older brother Kyler was in the third grade my dad was his coach so I used to run around with him, learn the game.” Her basketball career hasn’t always been smooth sailing though.

When questioned on the biggest obstacle she’s faced playing basketball, Banks responds, “That would be quitting after the sixth grade then picking it back up in the ninth grade. It was hard trying to get back into the groove of basketball and not dancing.”

Her hard work and commitment to the game allowed her to catch up quickly though. Kaly put in the hours and over time she grew into the accomplished basketballer she is today.

While most great athletes specialize in a specific position (offense, defense, etc) and neglect excellence in other areas of the game, Kaly is unique in that her skills aren’t limited to one specific spot on the court. “I play everywhere.” she explains. “There isn’t just one position that I play, one possession I will bring the ball up the court and the next I’ll be posting up.”

A great basketball player knows how to control themselves on and off the court”

— Kaly Banks

As a seasoned athlete, Banks knows a thing or two about what qualities make a player  succeed. “A great basketball player knows how to control themselves on and off the court.  Also, knowing the game always helps. Another great quality is creating shots while playing ‘cause you can’t win a game without scoring and sometimes you need to either set up a teammate or yourself for a shot.”

But above making baskets and scoring glory, Banks is a team player through and through. “My favorite part about basketball is just being with my teammates and making a lot of good memories.” When asked what advice she would give younger players, Kaly proclaims, “Stick with it, even when it sucks at times.”

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