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Finding Dorian

Four CFHS music students attended the Dorian Music Festival at Luther College

Sue Franke

CFHS singers Anna Schroder, Aria Tennessen, Sam White and Nolan Hartl pose at the Dorian Festival

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Imagine 1,100 students from seven states staying for two days at one campus all collaborating in cheerful chaos, creating beautiful music, while gaining experience and meeting new friends.  This magical concept exists in Decorah, Iowa on the Luther College campus – The Dorian Music Festival. In 1949, Weston Noble established the festival, inviting 20 schools to share their talent in both band and choir. The concept Dorian originates from Greek scales that are used to create music. Today, the event has flourished, offering six different camps per year and inviting hundreds of schools. Since it has been created, the Dorian Music Festival has aided over 90,000 students in expanding their musical knowledge.

It is so cool to hear how everyone sounds together”

— Aria Tennessen

On January 14th, Anna Schroder, Aria Tennessen, Sam White and Nolan Hartl attended this astounding conference along with their choir teacher, Mrs. Franke. Over the two days the students practiced among masses of students, all leading up to the grand finale, a final concert.

Senior, Aria Tennessen, a former all state alternate, was selected to be a part of the Chamber Choir, which consists of about 100 talented students who are carefully selected to perform at the grand concert. Tennessen elaborated on this exclaiming, “It is so cool to hear how everyone sounds together, they all sound so pretty. During one of our songs, I cried because of how beautiful it was.” She later went on to announce that she will be attending Luther as a student next year and hopes to continue to be involved in their music program, maybe even helping in this Festival.

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Finding Dorian