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Home court advantage

Cannon Falls dance team puts on a show at home

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  • Extending their arms, the dancers emphasize the smooth movements in tune with their chosen song. (Katie Allen)
  • Brooke Kimmes prepares to raise her fist in the synchronized dance step. (Katie Allen)
  • Jenna Skaggs and Mia Holscher press their hands together and grin. (Katie Allen)
  • Preparing for one of the most iconic moments of the kick routine, a freshman looks towards the ceiling in anticipation. (Katie Allen)
  • Kicking as one, the Bomber Dance Team pulls off a much-practiced feat. (Katie Allen)
  • The BDT kick routine is performed simultaneously as a home meet boosts their confidence. (Katie Allen)
  • Kenzie Fimmons ducks a kick as a change in tempo brings with it the opportunity of a movie-like effect. (Katie Allen)
  • Brooke Kimmes uses facial expressions to enhance the dance. (Katie Allen)
  • Emma Samuelson kicks as the routine hits a climax of energy. (Katie Allen)
  • Entering the floor gracefully, the BDT looks poised and professional. (Katie Allen)
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The Student News Site of CFHS
Home court advantage