• Alice @ Wonderland will be performing May 9th - 11th at 7 pm with a matinee on Saturday at 2 pm.

  • Cannon Falls Art show is on May 15th through 18th

  • AP Exams begin next week and end May 17th. Good luck!

  • Academic award banquet is on Wednesday, May 15th

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It’s homecoming again!

As homecoming draws near, the Lantern updates the student body on the upcoming events of school spirit.

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It’s homecoming again!

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Homecoming is a time for celebration and growing closer as a school and community. Local businesses display the team colors on their windows, while Cannon Valley Video gets busy making Bomber gear to sell to the town. Although those things are great ways to get into the homecoming spirit, the school has its own special way of celebrating this event and it’s a little different every year with new activities and dress up days. Just like any other school, homecoming is an event that most students look forward to, but all the fun isn’t just found at the football game. During the week, the hallways will be decorated with streamers and posters to get everyone into the homecoming spirit. There is also a mix of fun games and activities planned for the whole week.

One of the activities planned is the talent show. “I like the talent show because it’s fun to see all the different things that people can do.” says ninth grader Beth Barrett. The talent show is a time where everyone supports their brave classmates on stage. Whether in the show or just a spectator, it’s always very enjoyable. This year the talent show will be a little shorter than previous years, but it will still be just as entertaining.

Something that is a little different than previous years is the lunch games. Instead of having just one type of game at lunch for the whole week, Friday will be a day fully dedicated to having fun. The whole day, minus the talent show and pepfest, will be a game day where each teacher has a different activity in their room, which gives a bigger variety of things to do.

Dress up days are another way to unite the school. If someone’s outfit is on point a certain day, they may earn a piece of candy and a picture. The five dress up days are: Pajama Day, Country Day, Meme Day, 80s Day, and Bomber Day. Dress up days aren’t a new thing to the homecoming week traditions, but this year people seem to be pretty happy with them. “I’m probably most excited for PJ day,” says ninth grader, Jonny Monson. “It’ll be as if I never really got out of bed.”

As always, homecoming is bound to be a success. People have been counting down the days until the Monday that kicks off the fun-filled week. The high school student council has put a lot of thought into the making of this homecoming and are hopeful that everybody appreciates and enjoys the hard work put into this event to make it very memorable.

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It’s homecoming again!