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Kicking up their heels

CFHS dance team wins sections and heads for state

Katie Allen

Preparing for one of the most iconic moments of the kick routine, a freshman looks towards the ceiling in anticipation.

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Multiple teams come in. Only two go out. Throughout the season, the Bomber Dance Team (BDT) has worked extremely hard to win sections and go on to state, and they don’t plan on stopping there.

Before the robotics came along to Cannon Falls Schools, the BDT was the only extracurricular that had three hour practices. These seemingly endless practices are filled with workouts, training, marking, and practicing the full on dance, but the work and dedication was well worth the feeling of winning sections and going on to state. “We have worked so hard to get where we are now,” reports Grace Hall, one of the captains on the team. “…our Jazz program has grown so much this year. This season has been full of fun memories and competitions, and we are closer than ever [to State]!”

The tournament took place at Bloomington Kennedy High School, where eight judges took to the stands to record how the Bombers, and their competitors, performed. Each judge has a different aspect of the dance to rate. Some are kick counters, who make sure that all 250 kicks are performed, while others are more focused on style and execution of the dance. Almost every single aspect of the dance has a point value that can quantify it (usually out of ten) and in the end, a perfect score equates to 300 points.

After winning tournament after tournament, including Sections, the Cannon Falls Bomber Dance Team is ready to hopefully win one more – State. Until then, dancers will be running the dance through their minds the whole day, in preparation for only four minutes on the floor after almost four months of practice.

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The Student News Site of CFHS
Kicking up their heels