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The band and choir concert on October 28

Zoe Jesh & Brooke Kimmes

Zoe Jesh & Brooke Kimmes

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On the dimly lit streets of Cannon Falls, parents and grandparents were gathering at the auditorium to listen to some grooves. Shiny trumpets were belting out tunes, with the tuba’s lumbering behind. The choir sounded like an anthem from Heaven, dressed up in their robes of glory. On Friday October 28, Cannon Falls Middle and High School displayed its musical talent at the band and choir concert.

Directed by Sue Franke, the concert choir and ninth grade choir started off the music festival, singing a multitude of songs, including “God Bless the U.S.A”.  Seventh and Eighth grade followed up by singing “Sweet Home Chicago”, and finally, sixth graders put a smile on everyone’s faces by singing “Green Eggs and Ham” from Seussical the Musical.

After a relatively short stage change, the seventh and eighth grade band took to the stage and played Los Dos Amigos, a peppy tune just in time for “Dio De Los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) in Mexico. As the sixth grade band tiptoed onto the platform to get ready for their first concert, Band Director, Peter Duggan, helped break the ice with a joke introducing a piece they were going to play, “Dragon Slayer”. “The next tune we are going to be playing is ‘Dragon Slayer’, a.k.a. my mother in law.” Duggan said sarcastically. “I’m just kidding, we have fun together! We go on pleasure rides all the time, I love taking her to the airport!” As the crowd burst into laughter, the sixth grade band felt less stressed and was ready to start playing. Along with the music, the lights were organized to go on and off to the beat, creating the environment fitting for the song.

To end the night, the High School band shuffled onstage, experienced from many years of playing. They performed “A Little Bach Suite” and a Welch melody titled “The Land of Song”. Not to be left out on the humor, Director Mike Legvold shared a little insight about his mother in law. “Now here’s an interesting story about my mother in law, she used to be a teacher here at Cannon Falls. For all you married men out there, try carpooling with your mother in law for seven years!”

As the crowd was rumbling out of the auditorium, family members congratulated students who gave an excellent performance. When the excitement died down, everyone went back home and got ready for the weekend, but once monday comes students will be getting ready for their winter concert, which should be better than the first. Mark your calendars for December 8th.

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