• Excel program sheets must be turned in by January 22nd

  • Finals for 1st Semester are on January 17th and 18th


  • On January 28th, there will be a meeting for 9-11 graders to inform them and their parents about post secondary enrollment options after the middle school meeting

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Hindsight is 20/20

Class of 2020 Moves in

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Hindsight is 20/20

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Noah Salmonson, and the rest of this year’s sixth graders, are finally out of the elementary school and into the middle school. Kicked out of the Elementary school like a little, baby chicks, they are all trying to avoid being trampled by the big bald eagles, or high school seniors as they are more commonly known. Having to dart this way and that to avoid being run over is an especially difficult feat.

Four years ago, the sixth grade was moved up to the middle school so there was room for the preschool in the elementary building. This was an experiment to see if the sixth grade could cope with the high school, and so far, it’s worked.

“The middle school is pretty good,“ exclaimed Noah. “It’s a lot better than the elementary school, and we get to move around, and I also like these teachers a lot.” Although there is a great benefit to being in the middle school, it also has its down sides. “You can get trampled,” explains Noah. “You really need to watch where you’re going.”

When Mr. Hodges remarked that it’s a harder transition for the parents, he discussed that in the elementary school the kids had just one teacher now they have about 5. “Although the target teacher can answer any questions for the parents, they aren’t always sure where to go with their questions.” Mr. Hodges explained.  “The kids know a lot of what’s going on though.” He told us.

Miss Klapperich, a sixth grade teacher here at Cannon Falls, acknowledge how the sixth graders handle the change. “Their such unique kids, and they handle the transition so well, there ready to spread their wings and fly, ready to move on with the next stage of life.”

“I like it up here,” explains Miss Klapperich. “And I’ll tell you why. The reason is that we were following a middle school model housed in an elementary building with an elementary schedule, and it made it harder to follow the middle school philosophy.” But at the end of the day, the baby chicks are safely on the bus on their way back to their homes, realizing that some day they will be the leaders of this school, and look down at the new sixth graders, and see how far they have come.

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Hindsight is 20/20